At CrossFit Lighthouse Point, we provide superior individualized training and fitness education in a fun, safe, and friendly environment to ensure that dedicated individuals achieve their personal fitness goals at their own pace.

We provide a total body workout that hits the different domains of fitness. The first 45 minutes of class will be the Warm Up and Metabolic Conditioning workout (Workout of the Day). A proper warm up will be given, so the athlete will always be prepared for the WOD. The next 30 minutes are available to complete all of the optional accessory work. Everyone has their own personal goals, and they want to do some extra work to get closer to it. This means that you can complete the Daily Core, Progressive Strength, Mobility, or do any skill work. We also have Injury Prevention and Stabilization Programs that help our clients who may have past injuries. Common issues may include low back, knee, and shoulder pain, or incorrect posture. Our gym caters to the beginners that have never done more than walking and can push the advanced that have come from professional sports.

April 19, 2015 WOD 4-13-15--4-17-15

12 min AMRAP
12 ft. Bear crawl/hs walk
5- Ring Rows/strict chin-ups/1double rope climb
200m med ball over the shoulder carry

8min AMRAP
100m run
10 wallballs
4min Rest
8min AMRAP
15 KBS
15 Sit Ups

10 mins to find a heavy clean and jerk(L1- front squat)
2min transition
5 min AMRP
10 thrusters
10 box jumps
L1- <95/65, step ups
L2- 95/65, 24/20″

L1- 5 wall climbers
2 sets of :30 L-sits
20 ground around the world
L2- 2x:30 toes to wall hs holds/2x:30 shoulder touches
3 sets of :30 L-sits
20 toes over hips
L3- 2x:30 hs hold/2x:30 shoulder touches
4x:30 L-sits
20 around the worlds


April 12, 2015 WOD Week 4-6-15--4-10-15

“Tabata sit ups”
15 min AMRAP
15 wallballs
15 pull ups
15 burpees

WOD class
800m run
100 dubs

power cleans 8 rounds
Deadlifts 8 rounds
Score is least amount of reps during one interval
Weight should be around 5 pc and 10+dl
L1- <155/105
L2- 155/105

March 30, 2015 WOD 3-31-15


800m Run

2 min Rest

400m Run

2 min Rest

200m Run

2 min Rest

100m Run

2min Transition

5 mins to establish a 10RM Deadlift


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