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The FREE intro class is every Thursday at 6:30pm. It allows you to try out CrossFit with NO COST to you! The class is roughly 35-45mins. We will guide you through our facility then follow up with static/dynamic stretching and a workout!

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Personal Training In Lighthouse point

Elements Course: $50/2 Sessions

Our Elements Course is composed of two personal training sessions. It can be one on one, or it can be with a friend(s). This course is how we integrate all new members to our CFLHP family. We will provide proper technique in the movements we perform and most importantly teach you how to prevent injury on your fitness journey. We will also be assessing your mobility to issue you a personalized stretching plan. Bring something to sweat in because the change in your life starts today!

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Why CrossFit Lighthouse Point?

At CrossFit Lighthouse Point, we provide superior individualized training and fitness education in a fun, safe, and friendly environment to ensure that dedicated individuals achieve their personal fitness goals at their own pace.

We provide a total body workout that hits the different domains of fitness. The first 45 minutes of class will be the Warm Up and Metabolic Conditioning workout (Workout of the Day). A proper warm up will be given, so the athlete will always be prepared for the WOD. The next 30 minutes are available to complete all of the optional accessory work. Everyone has their own personal goals, and they want to do some extra work to get closer to it. This means that you can complete the Daily Core, Progressive Strength, Mobility, or do any skill work. At CrossFit Lighthouse Point We also have Injury Prevention and Stabilization Programs that help our clients who may have past injuries. Common issues may include low back, knee, and shoulder pain, or incorrect posture. Our gym caters to the beginners that have never done more than walking and can push the advanced that have come from professional sports.

February 9, 2017 Need help with an old injury? Want to learn how to prevent one?

Preventative Care is a main focal point in our gym! If you are new to our gym, then we ask that you take our Elements Course to learn the basics along with stability and mobility work. We believe creating a stable foundation is a crucial for improving one's fitness level. We will assess your mobility, previous injuries, functional movement patterns and more. If you are looking for a place without feeling intimidated, then come check us out! If you feel like you are not ready for a group class, then give us a call to schedule a Personal Training session. We can get you back on your feet, keep you motivated, and help reduce any pain you may have!

November 30, 2016 Heavy lifting is in! Check out the benefits!

1.It will burn more fat and calories AFTER your workout and throughout the day because of EPOC (Excess post-exercise consumption). 2.Lifting heavier weights at lower reps will make the muscle more defined. 3.You will be strengthening your tendons (YAY!) and you can fight your osteoporosis a...

July 31, 2016 Beach Workout August 6th at Pompano Beach!

What to Bring: Family Friends Beach Towels, Umbrella and Chairs Sunscreen Food Water Goggles or Snorkel Gear Swimsuit Be prepared for one heck of a workout ;)!

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